Why Whataburger is better than In-N-Out

April 03, 2018

Why Whataburger is better than In-N-Out

A timeless debate - an instant pot stirrer on social media - very similar in nature to a storied sports rivalry, the debate between In N Out and Whataburger is one that rages on. 

The Texas based burger chain with its unmistakable orange and white stripes versus the California chain known for its crossed palm trees.

In this debate, let's look at the facts.

Selection, Burger Basics & Fries


SELECTION - Whataburger has, at the time of writing this post, over a million different combinations of burgers. They win. 

BURGERS - They're amazing, wide buns, tons of toppings, and always amazing. 

FRIES - This isn't even a competition, Whataburgers fries are the perfect blend of fried potato and salt - they are what fries should be. 


SELECTION - You have the choice of like 6 items, Whataburger wins. They don't even have bacon for crying out loud....FAIL

BURGERS - They're okay, not bad, not outstanding. The ingredients are fresh and they do have friendly workers in funny hats, but it's easily forgettable. 

FRIES - The fries taste like cardboard - They have to cover them in cheese, cooked onions and salad dressing to make them edible.


WHATABURGER IS THE BEST. I understand regional loyalty, and if you are from out West, good for you for supporting the hometown choice, but Whataburger is way better and it's okay if you don't agree - that means less of a line at lunchtime and more honey butter chicken biscuits for your boy. 

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