Why should I shop at my local vape shop?

June 21, 2017

Why should I shop at my local vape shop?


Why should we get in our cars, drive to a vape store and buy our supplies when we can do it on our phones or computers from the comfort of our homes and offices?

In today's world, we have the power and ability to have whatever we want at our doorsteps in the matter of a few days, or even a few minutes. We can order food from our favorite restaurant without having to put on clothes and drive there, we can order our groceries and have them at our door when we get home from work, we can even order a new TV and have it at our home in about an hour. 

So why don't we just do this with our vaping supplies, especially when we can get it cheaper than we can in stores a lot of the time?

This answer is one that requires a little bit of history and reflection on when we first started vaping ourselves.

Do you remember the first time you walked into a vape shop and heard someone talking about vaping on Tigers Blood and how it was so much better on a 1 ohm coil at 4 volts opposed to the 1.8 ohm? Do you also remember how that might as well have been Klingon, because you didn't understand a bit of it?

Vape shops are the foundation of vaping, they are a place where the local community can go to not only shop, but to gain an understanding of their devices, things going on with vaping, local and state laws, etc.

Someone wanting to start vaping, that knows nothing about vaping, will not go online and be able to safely purchase something and figure out how to use it well enough to make the most cases. By supporting shops, we keep them around and in business - available to help the next person who wants to quit. 

Also, at the vape shop, you meet other vapers which offers both a sense of community and a sense of accountability....which can help more people making the switch from traditional cigarettes more successful in quitting. 

In addition to that, more vape shops means more jobs and money flowing into your local economy. More jobs means more people with money to spend at other places around town, resulting in a better economy.

Vape shops do their most bring you the best pricing possible given their higher cost of doing business, they care about your experience and they also help out in the event you have a defective device or a question about something. 

Next time you see something a little bit cheaper, take into consideration how much it really costs when you order online. The more people ordering online results in less vape shops. If vape shops go away, vaping as you know it goes away. 

Support your local shops and be sure to tell others about the shops that do it the right way. If we support shops, we all benefit.

Choosing to purchase from you local brick and mortar ensures that you are helping to create jobs and stimulate the local economy, it ensures that the next time a smoker drives by that they have a place to potentially pull in and make a healthier switch, and it ensure that you don't need to wait a few days the next time you run out of coils or juice by mistake.

Support your local vape shop. It is worth it in the long run.